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You are here:  Mission and Integrity  
  • To provide an academic agenda of associate degrees, certification programs, and other initiatives to insure student learning and student success; to assist and encourage students to attend four-year institutions upon graduation or to obtain employment commensurate with their knowledge base, educational experiences, and interest.
  • To enhance student success by providing high-quality support services to students through an extensive counseling program, developmental educational for individuals who need assistance, enrichment options for academically advanced students, and student assistance with academic financial obligations.
  • To provide students opportunities that will inspire civic, cultural, and social responsibility.
  • To provide multiple venues of learning opportunities for degree obtainment, continuing education, community enrichment, and lifelong learning.
  • To provide accessible, inclusive, and caring learning environments that connect with the diversity of the communities we serve and their individual needs.
  • To provide a learning environment for programs and courses that foster economic development within the framework of a global marketplace.
  • To integrate processes of institutional research and assessment to continuously improve the institutions efficiency and effectiveness.