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NOCF Purchase Authorization (Blue Sheet) (.pdf, 24K)

Please Use Blue Paper

NOCF - Employee Campaign and Contribution Form (.pdf, 673K)
Purchase Requisition Forms - Enid (.xls, 35K)
Purchase Requisition Forms - Stillwater (.xls, 22K)
NOC Fundraising Policy (.pdf, 62K)
Memorabilia Agreement (.pdf, 70K)
Institutional Fundraising Activity Request Form (.docx, 13K)
Masonic Foundation Grant Fund Request Form (.pdf, 572K)
Presidential Partners Grant Fund Request Form (.pdf, 534K)
Purchase Requisition Forms - Tonkawa (.xls, 35K)
Non-Cash Gift-in-Kind Form (.pdf, 82K)
Employee Reimbursement Approval Form for Claim Documentation (.docx, 22K)
Refreshments Approval Form for Claim Documentation (.docx, 22K)
Travel Forms
Requisition for Travel (.pdf, 111K)
Travel Reimbursement Form (.doc, 38K)
Travel Rules (.pdf, 143K)
Recruiting Spreadsheet (.xlsx, 10K)
Study Abroad Guidelines (.docx, 3727K)
Activity Advance Form (.xlsx, 10K)
Mileage Log (.xls, 28K)
Employee Forms
W-4 2020 (.pdf, 173K)
2012-2013 Scholarship Funds Request Form (.pdf, 337K)
Direct Deposit (.pdf, 31K)
Please attach a voided check or a bank letter with this form.
I-9 form 2020 (.pdf, 726K)
Staff Sick, Personal, & Bereavement Leave Request (.pdf, 195K)
Faculty Sick and Bereavement Leave Request Form (.pdf, 96K)
Vacation Leave Form - Annual Leave Request Form (.pdf, 267K)
Change of Address (.pdf, 19K)
Drug Free Workplace (.docx, 685K)
Teachers' Retirement Option Form (.pdf, 22K)
TRS Beneficiaries Designation (.pdf, 560K)
Earned Comp Time Approval Form (.tif, 21K)
NOC Request for Personnel Action (.pdf, 11K)
This form and the background check must be completed with all signatures prior to reporting to work.
Background Authorization Form - Page 1 (.pdf, 45K)
This form and the Request for Personnel Action must be completed with all signatures prior to reporting to work.
Background Authorization Form - Page 2 (.pdf, 70K)
This form and the Request for Personnel Action must be completed with all signatures prior to reporting to work.
Employee Counseling Report (.xls, 33K)
New Hire Procedures (.docx, 18K)

Please print the New Hire Procedures when completing pre-employment paperwork.

Proposal Planning Sheet Form (.docx, 24K)
Open Records Request Form (.pdf, 171K)
Open Records Request Fee Schedule (.PDF, 56K)
Open Records Request Policy (.pdf, 197K)
Alternative Work Schedule Form (.docx, 57K)
Employee Handbook (.pdf, 818K)
Diversity Presentation (.pdf, 2616K)
Important Information
ERRP Notice (.docx, 10K)
Annual Medicare Notice (.pdf, 33K)
VPN Connection Guide (.docx, 345K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
(click here to view)

(click here to view)


The mileage reimbursement rate remains at $0.50 per mile for all authorized travel incurred on or after January 1, 2020.   


Click on this link ( to access the Blue Cross Blue Shield website.  You will need to create a user name and password under the Blue Access for members on the right side of the home page to gain access to your personal health and dental claims records as well as various informational documents that helps you locate network doctors or hospitals, health and wellness tips, approved medications lists, and describes in detail your plan benefits.  There are toll free numbers listed you can call with any questions you might have concerning your health or dental coverage. You can even print a temporary ID card if yours has been misplaced. Your Human Resource department feels that this is a very beneficial website to have at your fingertips to help you manage your health and dental policies.      


Employees may be reimbursed for miscellaneous emergency purchases, or for purchases not available through normal purchasing procedures.  Such purchases must be a valid expense, and meet the same requirements as though the agency had made the purchase.   Such purchases are subject to the President’s approval, and must be accompanied by evidence of payment.  Please contact the Purchasing Office if you have any questions concerning this type of reimbursement.

VOYA Information
Salary Reduction Form (.pdf, 41K)
NOC Invitation to Enroll (.pdf, 411K)
Accessing your account (.pdf, 982K)
10 Reasons to Enroll (.pdf, 449K)
OTRS Forms
TRS form-beneficiary/death (.pdf, 560K)
The Zero Card
Zero Card Info. (.pdf, 308K)
Quick Tips (.pdf, 229K)
How To Access (.pdf, 510K)
VSP-Vision Service Plan
VSP Flyer (.pdf, 105K)
2020 Vision cost comparison (.pdf, 273K)
Chard Snyder - HSA/FSA/DCA
HSA Advantage Account (.pdf, 3262K)
HSA/FSA Money Accounts (.pdf, 672K)
FSA Benefit Card (.pdf, 3666K)
CARES act impact on FSA-HSA (.pdf, 344K)
The Standard Information
The Standard- EAP Flyer (.pdf, 1262K)
The Standard-Life Services Toolkit Flyer (.pdf, 1758K)
Long Term Disability (.pdf, 227K)
The Standard-Portability vs. Conversion (.pdf, 73K)
The Standard-Conversion & Portability FAQ (.pdf, 175K)
The Standard-Additional Life & AD&D Highlights (.pdf, 257K)
The Standard- Travel Assistance (.pdf, 824K)
Evidence of Insurability Form (.pdf, 203K)
Evidence of Insurability How to's (.pdf, 502K)
Short Term Disability- The Standard
Short Term Disability Information (.pdf, 84K)
Set up texting ability on your phone (.pdf, 188K)
Short Term Disability Claim Form (.pdf, 706K)
MetLife - Accident Insurance
What is Accident Insurance (.pdf, 99K)
Accident Insurance:Why Is It Important (.pdf, 341K)
Accident Insurance Facts & Stats (.pdf, 196K)
Accident Plan Rates (.doc, 127K)
MetLife-Accident Insurance Claim Form (.pdf, 363K)
MetLife - Critical Illness
Critical Illness Why is it important (.pdf, 112K)
Critical Illness Plan Summary/Rates (.doc, 171K)
Critical Illness Facts& Stats (.pdf, 205K)
MetLife-Critical Illness Insurance Claim Form (.pdf, 138K)
How to file Critical Illness Claim (.pdf, 1954K)
MetLife - Hospital Indemnity
Hospital Indemnity Insurance Benefits/Rates (.docx, 65K)
FAQ about hospital indemnity insurance (.pdf, 62K)
Hospital Indemnity Insurance:why is it important (.pdf, 155K)
Hospital Indemnity Facts & Stats (.pdf, 1065K)
MetLife-Hospital Indemnity Insurance Claim Form (.pdf, 1089K)
Delta Dental Information
2019 Delta Dental High Plan (.pdf, 103K)
2019 Delta Dental Low Plan (.pdf, 106K)
2019 Delta Dental Preventive Plan (.pdf, 102K)
2020 Dental Cost Comparison (.pdf, 277K)
Delta Dental Dentist Listing (.pdf, 857K)
Delta Dental Find Your Smile booklet (.pdf, 1820K)
BCBS Health Information
BCBS Telemedicine (.pdf, 675K)
Pharmacy-Home Delivery (.pdf, 1171K)
2020 Health-Dental Plan Comparisons (.pdf, 100K)
2020 Benefit Cost Comparisons (.pdf, 281K)
PLAN A Preferred (.pdf, 634K)
PLAN B Preferred/Choice (.pdf, 615K)
PLAN C Choice (.pdf, 634K)
PLAN F Choice (.pdf, 612K)
How to find a provider (.docx, 752K)
Naturally Slim (.pdf, 96K)
BCBS Mobile App (.pdf, 361K)
How to decide where to go for care (.pdf, 298K)
Livongo (.pdf, 4011K)
Health Insurance Information
MetLife-Health Screening Benefit Claim Form (.pdf, 915K)
Group Pharmacy HSA Preventative Drug List (.pdf, 3690K)
Preferred list in Enid area updated 01/02/2020 (.pdf, 93K)
Preferred list in OKC area updated 01/03/2020 (.pdf, 1419K)
Preferred list in Ponca City area updated 01/03/2020 (.pdf, 74K)
Preferred list in Stillwater area updated01/03/2020 (.pdf, 1300K)
Preferred list in Tulsa area updated 01/06/2020 (.pdf, 860K)
2020 Benefit Guide (.PDF, 14338K)
Well On Target
Well On Target handout (.pdf, 788K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.